Mistakes first time business owner make with their website

    1. Waiting until “Company becomes more established” 
      Okay, think about the logic in this statement…. Okay, have you had a chance to let the simmer in? Understandably budgets are tight when starting a new company, but if you still think word of mouth is key and trumps publishing yourself to millions of people that search the web everyday, you are sadly mistaken. Having a website from day one is critical if you are planning on becoming a large and 
      successful company.


  1. Using a “Do It Yourself Website Builder”                                                                                                                                       These tools are really pretty worthless if you plan to grow and modify your site to fit the needs of your growth. The one trick they keep up their sleeve is that when you need your site a little more custom tailored to fit the needs of your growing business, well they will “Stick It To You” and hit you hard in the pocket. Because you can’t just pack up your site and move it somewhere else, or the other major problem is that you may not even be able to get the features you need. We understand it’s easy to change content when you are ready to do so, however you can do that on a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal just as easily.
  2.  Unreasonable Budget “I found him on Craigslist, now I have no website, and lost $350!”                                                   If someone tries to sell you a car with 20 miles on it, and that is fresh off the dealer lot for 50 dollars, would you be skeptical? Why is this any different in logic? IT’S NOT! If this happened to you, learn from your mistake! Setting a budget can be a bit confusing if you haven’t ever had a website built before. If you want 3-7 pages you can safely figure paying $600+ for a website that is effective and meets current web design industry standards, it is 2016, you have to have a site that is modern and mobile friendly or you’re wasting your money.