Think your site is fast enough to meet Google requirements?

Well in many cases this isn’t the case. If your site doesn’t load within 1.5 seconds it is considered slow to the search engines.

Why is speed so important?      

  google SEO page speed

Well the answer is complex and simple all at the same time. Lets start with the users prospective. You go to a website and if it takes too long to load or it may not load correctly most of the time you leave. This is causes bounce rates to skyrocket! That isn’t good! You want your bounce rates to stay in the range of 10-56%. You don’t want to visit a lagging site and neither so other people. Now lets discuss the search engine prospective. Imagine you are a search engine and you have to search millions of sites within a allotted amount of time, well that would never happen if every website was slow to respond. So the answer that the big bosses of the web have developed is that faster sites get priority with web craws and slow site get punished.

It can be fixed!  


Many things can be done to fix slow load times on your website. Lets start with making sure you have the right hosting choice for your site. If you run a small website with a few pages shared hosting is more than enough, however if you’re running a company website with many pages and images you probably are best choosing a virtual private server. Now large ecommerce sites and heavy traffic sites require even more like dedicated servers that can cost between $120-5000 per month depending on the size and hardware of the server. Also you can add a CDN (Content Distribution Network) to your site and even gain more speed and a more stable hosting environment. Ensuring that images aren’t large and are compressed help as well. Clean code and proper development of the site is critical to proper operation. If you think you are having issues and need help finding a solution we can help!