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Do you want to get better exposure online? Do you want to increase revenue? We can help with our Search Engine Optimization services in or around Atlanta, GA. Filyaw Consulting can help greatly increase traffic to your site, and if the website is optimized properly it can greatly increase revenue!Search Engine Optimization Services Atlanta Georgia Your website and you Search Engine Optimization efforts are vital to running a successful business today. When someone searches for a product or service online, and you find that service it is powered by Search Engine Optimization efforts. Many companies claim to have “What it takes to get you found”, but do they really? We have years of expert research and analytics that have been proven to work. Although pricing on Search Engine Optimization services do vary depending on how competitive a search term may be, Filyaw Consulting can promise that we truly care about your results. Your success is our success! If you are in or around Atlanta, GA we can help you!


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 Search Engine Optimization and how it works

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky task. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a what gets websites listed online in a particular order with Google, Bing and other search engines. All these search engines use an algorithm that changes regularly. To be honest NOBODY knows every key to being #1, however Filyaw Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the best results possible with your budget. The more that you can invest time for us to maintain your SEO efforts, the better the results. Everything from the titles, descriptions, content on your website, images and so much more take part in why you get ranked the way you do. In 2014 Google started giving priority to websites that used SSL and sites that were mobile friendly and responsive. Having not only a good SEO company, but a modern website all plays its part in rankings as well. If you would like to get more in depth details on SEO and why you need it CLICK HERE.

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SEO Experts Atlanta Georgia

You might be thinking to yourself “Can I afford SEO services for my website?” It is more affordable than you think! Filyaw Consulting can even help you with city specific targeting. This is a very resourceful method if you have a local business that services many cities. Filyaw Consulting knows how important it is to get your website seen, and how valuable SEO is to your success.

Local Search Engine Optimization | Atlanta, GA

Local Search Engine Optimization Atlanta Georgia

Local Search Engine Optimization is critical to any website that needs local customers. Just think, every time you go to search for a service on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines you usually search for local services or locations similar to this ( AC Repair Atlanta, GA ) then you get a list of results that have been optimized to give you the best top options according to the search engine. Usually the top three are advertisements that have been paid for. You are probably asking “Why don’t I just do paid ads?” the answer is simple, because you will always continue to pay indefinitely to show your website on top. This method in the long term can get VERY expensive! Using local search engine optimization services such as the services that Filyaw Consulting provides gives you “Organic Results”.

What are ORGANIC RESULTS and how do I know if I need them in or around Atlanta, GA?

Better Organic Search Results Atlanta Georgia

If you see the GREEN box above, that is organic results. The RED boxes are the paid advertisements. Increasing your organic results can save thousands of dollars in your marketing efforts and greatly increase traffic to your website and money for your business. 

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